Are you tired of waiting in the line to take hookah hose from your friend?

Or maybe scared of that you can catch something?

Here is a new hookah accessoryhookah hose adapter, that offers making your hookah a double hookah.

Some claim it is working well, some say it decreases performans of your hookah session.

Some disappointed just because their hookah is not compatible with the hookah hose adapter.

Let's take a look one of these hookah accessories on Amazon.


Check on these hookah hose accessories on Amazon USA: Hookah hose adapter


What is inside?


 When you get your double hookah hose set, it should be look like this:

So, as you see in the image, there should be a double hookah hose adapter, 2 plastic disposable hoses, 10 plastic mouth tips and of course grommets.

How to use?

Well, that can be said to be the best part.

If you want to turn your hookah to a double hose hookah, here are the steps:

- Place the grommets on the hose adapter

- Put the hookah adapter to the hose hole of your hookah.

- Put the disposable hoses into the hose adapter

- That is it.. 

Wait. There is more. You can also use it to add an air-valve to your hookah.

There is just an extra step:

- After removing one of the hoses, remove the small ball in the adapter, that is the one in the side your hose is connected to.

What should you examine before buy?

If there is one thing we know about the universe, it is knowing that there are a lot of similar products sold by different sellers.

What differs?

- Hookah hose adapter should be made of qualitative products. Otherwise, there can be rusting.

- Hookah hose adapter should be air-proofed. Each NariN brand adapter is tested one-by-one for air leaking.

Double hookah set is better than buying them seperately. Why? It is not only about the price advantage, but also compatibility. Most customers on Amazon complains about their hose doesn't match with the hose adapter.

Click to check NariN double hookah hose adapter

Last words..

Well, I think it is worth the price. If you want to test to review the product, maybe you should contact @narinhookah on Instagram. They share free products and sale coupons from time to time. No harm for asking :)